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Details Price Qty
Watershed Friendshow details + $100.00 (USD)  
Deer Lick Runshow details + $250.00 (USD)  
Wood Creekshow details + $500.00 (USD)  
Beaver Runshow details + $1,000.00 (USD)  
Hawthorne Creekshow details + $2,500.00 (USD)  
Bear Creekshow details + $5,000.00 (USD)  
Pond Brook Premiershow details + $9,000.00 (USD)  

  • Business Memberships
    January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022
    5:00 am - 11:30 pm

At Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners (TCWP), our mission is to protect and restore water quality and habitats of the Tinker’s Creek and Brandywine Creek watersheds through community partnership. This could not be possible without the support of our members.

We connect over twenty communities and thousands of watershed residents and work regionally across Ohio. Your support helps make a difference directly in the Tinker’s Creek and Brandywine Creek Watersheds and the entire Central Lake Erie Basin through our partnerships. Below are some of our anticipated events and outreach opportunities planned for this year that your logo and business could be featured at, depending on your membership level.

A Level Events: Rain barrel workshops or Stream cleanups

B Level Events: Tree plantings, Public presentations, or Kayak runs

C Level Events: Virtual hikes or Workshops/Webinars

D Level Events: Silver Level sponsorship of the Ohio Stormwater Conference, Golf Outing, or Foraged and Invasives Dinner

E Level Events: Gold Level sponsorship of the Ohio Stormwater Conference, Drinkers for Tinker’s