Below are a number of fact sheets on green infrastructure, preservation, stormwater best management practices (BMPs), and other topics for you to use!  Click on the category to see what fact sheets we have available!

Current Guiding Documents

These documents guide Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners’ efforts as well as other restoration and conservation activities within the watershed.

Tinkers Creek Watershed Action Plan*

Lower Cuyahoga River TMDL

*Currently in the process of being updated to the new Nine Element Non-Point Source Implementation Strategic (NPS-IS) plan

Watershed Information

Tinker’s Creek Watershed Fact Sheet

Tinker’s Creek Watershed Map

Tinker’s Creek Watershed Map and Urban Stream Information

Studies in the Watershed

Tinker’s Creek Conservation Plan

Tinkers Creek Watershed Comprehensive Wetland Assessment and Prioritization Plan for 2007/2008

USEPA Wetland Report

Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners

Tinkers Creek Watershed Partners Brochure

TCWP and NEOPIPE are partnering to spread the message “Lake Erie:  Don’t Waste it!” in 2017.  Follow the links below to learn more about these outreach efforts!

Pick Up Pet Waste

We All Live in a Watershed

Streetsboro Education and Outreach Materials

The following education and outreach materials have been made specifically for the City of Streetsboro!

We All Live in a Watershed

Help Reduce Flooding on SR303

Wetlands as a Tool for Flood Control and Prevention

Keep Streetsboro Beautiful:  Pick up after your pet!

Streetsboro “Pick up pet waste” flyer

Stormwater Retrofitting

Stormwater Retrofit Fact Sheet


Cleveland Metroparks’ Modified BEHI

Bank Erosion Hazard Index (BEHI) Fact Sheet