Get Buggy about Midges and Mayflies!

Right around this time of year, swarms of midges and mayflies take over Cleveland and surrounding areas. For some, this is the most annoying time of the year, but these bugs are fantastic news for water quality in the region! Midges and mayflies indicate that the water quality of Lake Erie and its tributaries is improving!

Effects of Stormwater

Stormwater is the precipitation that collects upon the landscape in the form of rain, snow, ice, and sleet. As the rain moves or snow melts and flows across the surface, it picks up different pollutants such as sediment, oil, grease, lawn fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural runoff, and many other toxic substances that collect on the ground.

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Model Ordinances

Zoning ordinances that specifically address development practices have now become necessary to assist in balancing the need for progression and maintaining environmental integrity. Adoption of these ordinances into municipal regulations is needed to preserve the function of our natural systems while promoting smart growth.

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Life At The Waters Edge!

Do you live near a river, creek, stream or lake? Do you know someone who does? Here, we have some issues about important aspects of water-side living, and how to maintain your neighbor ecosystems.

Sustainable Lawn Care Program

Tinkers Creek is rapidly developing. However, a combination of efforts will ensure that the creek is a continued focus for protection. What are the pressures facing Tinkers Creek?