Business Members receive recognition in all of the Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners newsletters and on our website. In addition, business members are recognized on our social media pages, prefer vendors for recommendations, and preferred list for request for proposals for projects. Our members are invited to participate in TCWP events. Membership in the Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners will assist your business or organization in being recognized as an active environmental steward. Additionally, TCWP Business Membership Levels include the Quarterly Newsletter, invitation to the Annual Open House and many opportunities to promote team building by volunteering at events. Become a Business Member today.

Business Membership Level details are listed on the Business Membership Flyer and Become a Business Member tab.

Watershed Friend                 $   100 

Deer Lick Run:                        $   250

Wood Creek:                           $   500  

Beaver Run:                            $1,000

Hawthorn Creek:                    $2,500

Bear Creek:                             $5,000

Pond Brook / Premier:           $9,000      SOLD OUT


As a member of Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners, you will be able to attend TCWP Board Meetings as a non-voting member.  This allows you to stay up-to-date on the current conditions of the watershed and how you can help.  Additionally, you will be invited to all of our volunteer and watershed explorer events, including stream clean-ups, a new annual race, and more.  At all of our workshops and fundraising events as well as all publications, you will be recognized as an environmental steward.  Become a member today.

All Membership Levels details are listed on the Individual Membership Flyer and the “Become a Member” link.

Watershed Friend:                 $ 25

Watershed Supporter:           $ 50

Watershed Advocate:           $100

Watershed Hero:                   $300

Pond Brook Premier
Beaver Run
Wood Creek
Deer Lick

General Donation

Want to support your watershed, but not ready to become a member, conveniently donate below (PayPal Account Not Required):