Biohabitats for the Hudson High School Stream Restoration Project

The Member Community Stormwater Best Management Practice Grant provided $3,000 to Biohabitats, the primary contractor for the design and construction of the restoration project, to purchase plants for the Hudson High School Stream Restoration Project and Land Lab.  This grant  provided 125 three to five foot shrubs, 25 three-gallon trees, and 250 live stakes that were planted by Hudson High School students and other volunteers.  The purchase of larger plants helped to establish the restoration project more quickly with increased plant survival rates. The use of larger plants will also help reduce erosion and aid in establishing wetland and riparian areas.


Glenwillow Village

Glenwillow Village was awarded a Member Community Stormwater Best Management Practice  Grant to purchase 13 red maple and honey locust trees with 2.5-inch trunks.  Native, deciduous hardwood tree species were selected based on availability and cost and then planted at the site.  Trees play an important role in reducing the amount of polluted stormwater from entering our streams by slowing water down and helping water to be absorbed into the ground. The grant also funded a bonded and insured landscape contractor that guaranteed the planted trees’ survival for one year to ensure success of the project.